Hey Parents: How are you doing?

woman in gray tank top
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

How are you managing with the kids at home during COVID?  If “I’m fine” is just the “fake news” that you are giving out to your friends and family, you are probably not alone. Not every family is busting dance moves and making cute videos on Tik Tok.  This is a very difficult time and the light at the end of the tunnel may seem to be getting further and further away. Stressful times can bring out the worst in us as we revert to old coping mechanisms that really don’t work well over the long term. The pressure is not letting up, and many of us are collapsing under it.

Newspaper and social media columnists are offering lots of advice, but the reality is that each situation is unique and good advice cannot be applied wholesale to every family set-up.   I am reading lots of stuff that says you should let go of the standards during this time, and I am betting while this may work for some families, it may be wreaking havoc on others. The post-COVID child-rearing nightmare could become reality as your kids forget what normal expectations are, and forget the meaning of the word “no”.

At Creekside Therapy I am offering parent consultations for people who are struggling to manage their particular situation.  I am ready to hear the worst, without judgement or criticism. I am sure that you know what you are doing well and not so well, so we can discuss that and see what else makes sense for you and your children.  I have a lot of expertise in helping parents develop strategies to manage kids of all ages with behavioral issues, and especially teenagers who are struggling. Together we can figure out some ways that you can look after yourself and your kids during this incredibly stressful time, and hopefully set up some strategies that will last beyond the COVID period.  

Check out my website www.creeksidetherapy.ca and make an appointment.  My services are covered by many workplace benefit plans.  If you have financial hardship right now, let me know and we can negotiate a price that is affordable.



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